Find the Best Ball Valves Manufacturer in India

Do Ball Valves Seal Better Than Gate Valves?
March 20, 2020

Find the Best Ball Valves Manufacturer in India

Mechanical device valves control and reduce the flow of various liquids, gases, oil, and vapours. Valves are used to handle pressure in multiple types of pipe systems. Valve makers are in high demand, and they play an essential role in industrial and technology companies.

The manufacturing of industrial valves is a difficult task. It is not just a simple valve design. Many factors influence its efficiency, including raw material procurement, machining, heat treatment, welding, and assembly. Before manufacturers hand over valves to customers, they should be subjected to stringent testing to ensure proper operation. Long service life indicates that the valves are of high quality.

Plug Valves

A plug valve controls the flow of fluids; a plug valve is shaped like a cylinder or cone and can be rotated inside the valve body. The stem and handle are usually on top of the valve, with one route running from inbound to outbound. The two-port plug valve with an open and closed position is the most common type. The stem and handle are usually on top of the valve, with one route running from inbound to outbound and the other leading from inbound to outbound. A quarter-turn valve is also used by a plug valve, which is useful when quick and frequent operation is required. Plug Valve manufacturers in India have ends that can be flanged, hub-style, or butt weld.

The plug can be tapered, parallel, or lubricated, and the movement can be plain or lubricated. Another type of plug valve is a ball valve, which features a spherical plug with circular ports rotating between concave section round seats.

Ball Valves

High-pressure Ball valve manufacturers create ball valves usually the same diameter as the pipe but might be smaller. Ball valve bodies are available in one-piece, top entry, two-piece, and three-piece configurations. A top entrance body, favoured for bigger sizes, gives maintenance access to the ball and seats without removing the valve.

A ball valve is a shut-off valve that allows liquid or gas to flow via a rotating ball with a bore. The medium can flow through or is blocked by rotating the ball a quarter-turn (90 degrees) around its axis. They have a long service life and provide reliable sealing over the valve’s life, even when it is not used for an extended period. 

They are also more resistant to contaminated media than most other types of valves. Ball valves can also be used as a control valve in unique versions. This use is less widespread because the flow rate control precision is less precise than other control valves.

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